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In our vehicle wrap enterprise, we provide an array of services to revolutionize your ride – from eye-catching full body wraps, to protective paint films safeguarding your vehicle from environmental harm, we have everything you need to elevate your road presence!

Full and Partial Wraps

Full body car wraps offer a unique aesthetic appeal, customized to personal or branding needs, while protecting the vehicle against scratches, minor dents, and weather damage; they serve as cost-effective mobile billboards for businesses, help maintain resale value by preserving original paintwork, simplify maintenance due to their resistance to dirt and stains, provide easy and quick updates or rebranding opportunities, ensure comprehensive coverage for complete transformation, and offer UV protection against paint fading, all while being removable without causing harm to the original paint.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

The transparent and nearly imperceptible urethane-based Paint Protection Film (PPF) brings forth a host of advantages such as remarkable resistance to scratches and stains, shields against detrimental UV rays, and increased longevity, substantially lessening the requirement for regular refurbishing or repainting. By conserving the original paintwork’s quality and look, it aids in sustaining the vehicle’s resale value, amplifies the car’s visual allure with its lustrous finish, and emerges as a financially savvy solution over time by curtailing the need for costly paint restorations or detailing. PPF, with its slick surface that fends off dirt and debris, simplifies the cleaning process and in premium versions, possesses the ability to self-repair minor scratches when exposed to heat, preserving the film’s flawless aesthetics.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating offers a high-gloss finish that enhances a vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, provides UV protection to prevent paint dulling and fading, resists a variety of chemical agents to prevent damage, improves durability against scratches and minor damages, and simplifies cleaning due to its water and dirt repelling nature. It also offers long-lasting protection, helps to maintain the vehicle’s resale value, features hydrophobic properties to minimize water spots and streaks, and represents an environmentally-friendly option due to its longevity reducing the need for frequent application and material usage.

Headlight and Taillight Tint

Headlight or Taillight tints provide an aesthetic upgrade, offering a sleek, customized appearance with various color options, while also shielding headlights from potential damage such as scratches or cracks. They incorporate UV inhibitors to combat sun damage, potentially reducing glare for improved driving conditions. Additionally, they are a cost-effective method to prolong headlight lifespan and offer ease of maintenance with their smooth, wipe-clean surfaces.

Paint Correction

Paint correction enhances a vehicle’s appearance by removing surface imperfections, boosting its resale value by restoring the exterior to a near-new state. It extends the longevity of exterior protection when paired with a sealant or coating, prevents more serious damage by addressing minor scratches and imperfections, and proves to be more cost-effective than repainting in the long run. Additionally, it improves safety by enhancing visibility and brings personal satisfaction to vehicle owners due to the pristine finish achieved.

Vehicle Installs

“Vehicle installations” denote a vast array of modifications or additions to a vehicle, such as upgrades to the audio system, supplemental lighting, performance enhancements, safety features, and aesthetic improvements like wraps or tinting. The potential benefits of such installs include improved performance and safety, personalization and increased comfort of your vehicle, enhanced entertainment options, increased resale value due to high-quality upgrades, improved appearance, and greater fuel efficiency, thus making your vehicle more eco-friendly and economical in the long run.

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Generally, premium-quality vehicle wrap films can be expected to last between 3 to 5 years, while standard films typically have a lifespan of approximately 2 years. However, these durations may fluctuate based on the level of care provided to the wrap. For optimal results and enhanced durability, we strongly recommend incorporating a Ceramic Coating to your wrap. This application not only offers an additional layer of UV protection but also simplifies maintenance tasks. It is important to note that the market contains an abundance of inferior quality films that may not endure beyond a year; we intentionally steer clear of such products to ensure customer satisfaction and product longevity.

The feasibility of wrap application significantly depends on the current condition of the vehicle’s paintwork. If the paint is not in an optimal state, or if the vehicle has been previously repainted in a less than professional manner, there is a high likelihood of paint damage or peeling upon wrap removal. To achieve the best results, we advise applying wraps on vehicles that are less than five years old and maintain excellent factory paint quality.

The answer is affirmative – indeed, it can be, and we highly recommend hand washing as the optimal method. It is important to avoid using pressure washers or any abrasive chemicals that could potentially damage the wrap. We endorse the use of standard car wash soap without wax, which is perfectly suitable for maintaining your vehicle’s pristine condition.

The cost of car wrapping can fluctuate based on the specific vehicle and the type of wrap film chosen. On average, for the majority of vehicles we handle, the cost is approximately $4,500, utilizing high-quality wrap films. Specialty color options, such as Chrome wraps, tend to be more costly, averaging around $10,000 per wrap. It’s worth noting that the market price for vehicle wraps can also vary significantly, influenced by factors such as geographical location and the wrap installer’s expertise level. While our pricing may be positioned on the higher end within our locality, we ensure that this is balanced by the superior quality rendered at every stage of the wrap installation process.

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